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Mizérable Photobook!

Haven't bought anything Gackt related for a while, but decided to buy this photobook! It was cheap and in great condition.

Now, this was an adventure! We made a mistake and the package was returned, omg ;___; It took almost two months and twice as much money to arrive.

But here it is!

Safe and sound!

It's so beautiful! I was totally not expecting it to be hardcover and so big, with so many pages. And I absolutely love this Gackt photoshoot, it was one of the first and it has always fascinated me. I LOVE IT!
Gackt Photobook

Christmas Presents to Myself

A bit late, but look at them! Looorvely!


So, I have this Gackt poster...

... That I bought in the Swedish concert...

And I don't have space to hang it on the wall!

Also, so many things to buy, so little money... :<

Not participating on the OGYD community Secret Santa (or any communities Secret Santas, tbh) because I have no money or time to make a present. :( It's the first time since I belong to the communities that I'm not participating.

Selling some Manga!

Hello! I'm really needing the money, so I'm selling a lot of manga I no longer want!

I have manga in English, French and Spanish. Please check it out!
Thank you! :)

Manga Manga =DCollapse )

Writer's Block: Anti-bullying month

Who is the biggest bully in your life? One response chosen at random will win an Amazon Kindle. [contest details] (sponsored by )
The whole high-school. They tortured me for 2 years, and that deeply reflected itself in my future. Even today I can't remember those times without feeling upset and crying.

Stolen meme yay!


Oh my...

Last night I had a dream about Gackt. And, dear god, my dream had taste. Every time I dream about Him the dreams get more and more realistic and the contact becomes closer, it's so weird. ~_~



And now the I Love you All arrived!

I still had not the courage to watch the swimsuit concert, aqnd now the documentary... I'm waiting till the friend that went with me to the concert can come to my house and we watch it together. I need moral support!


Finally the YFC DVD arrived!

It only has one sticker, which was disappointing...

And I had to pay almost 20€ for customs, which was surprising! And horrible! Wtf! I never knew dvds were considered imports! ;_;

Haven't found the chance to watch it yet, I'm a bit nervous about watching it and seeing everyone in bathsuits... And seeing Vanilla, the same Vanilla Gackt promised us in Spain and gave them. Oh my oh my oh my.



So, I got some Gackt related presents for this Christmas Yule, that I gotta share.

I bought from the sales here at LJ a single for my mother to give me... And I got three wonderful bracelets just like Gackt's from my Secret Santa (not so secret anymore!) at OGYD present exchange! The whole present was awesome, but the bracelets are <3

Single + BraceletsCollapse )

My favourite part about the single is that it has the music sheet for us! And I'll be able to play it! The song is so romantic, I really want to play it soon!